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Hotels in Canterbury

You can find hotels near Canterbury for great prices when you stay with Premier Inn. Our hotels in picturesque locations near Canterbury are a gateway to a range of experiences in idyllic South-East England, as well as offering access to continental transport links. Our hotels near Canterbury are well suited for business or leisure trips to Canterbury, Kent and the surrounding region.

Hôtels près d’ Canterbury

Canterbury City Centre
1-7 New Dover Road, Canterbury, Kent, CT1 1UP, Royaume-Uni (le)

Tél. : 0871 527 9408 *

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Chambre à partir de 44,00 GBP seulement
Herne Bay
Blacksole Farm, Margate Road, Herne Bay, Kent, CT6 6LA, Royaume-Uni (le)

Tél. : 0871 527 8520 *

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Chambre à partir de 50,50 GBP seulement
Ashford Central
Hall Avenue, Orbital Business Park, Sevington, Ashford, Kent, TN24 0GN, Royaume-Uni (le)

Tél. : 0871 527 8030 *

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Chambre à partir de 37,50 GBP seulement
Ashford (Eureka Leisure Park)
Eureka Leisures Park, Rutherford Road, Ashford, Kent, TN25 4BN, Royaume-Uni (le)

Tél. : 0871 527 8028 *

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Chambre à partir de 40,00 GBP seulement
Ashford North
Maidstone Road, Hothfield Common, Ashford, Kent, TN26 1AP, Royaume-Uni (le)

Tél. : 0871 527 8032 *

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Chambre à partir de 54,00 GBP seulement
Dover (A20)
Folkestone Road, Dover, Kent, CT15 7AB, Royaume-Uni (le)

Tél. : 0871 527 8310 *

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Chambre à partir de 59,00 GBP seulement
Dover Central (Eastern Ferry Terminal)
Marine Court, Marine Parade, Dover, Kent, CT16 1LW, Royaume-Uni (le)

Tél. : 0871 527 8306 *

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Chambre à partir de 76,50 GBP seulement
Dover East
Jubilee Way, Guston Wood, Dover, Kent, CT15 5FD, Royaume-Uni (le)

Tél. : 0871 527 8308 *

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Chambre à partir de 67,00 GBP seulement
Folkestone (Channel Tunnel)
Cherry Garden Lane, Folkestone, Kent, CT19 4AP, Royaume-Uni (le)

Tél. : 0871 527 8400 *

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Chambre à partir de 52,50 GBP seulement
Station Green, Marine Terrace, Margate, Kent, CT9 5AF, Royaume-Uni (le)

Tél. : 0871 527 8762 *

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Chambre à partir de 49,00 GBP seulement
Thanet Way, Whitstable, Kent, CT5 3DB, Royaume-Uni (le)

Tél. : 0871 527 9162 *

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Chambre à partir de 41,50 GBP seulement

Explore historic Cornwall from well located hotels

Canterbury is one of the UK's major tourism cities and still retains much of its distinctive historical architecture, despite suffering bombings in the Second World War. From the city's most iconic landmark Canterbury Cathedral, seat of the Archbishop of Canterbury, to the medieval town centre and 11th century Canterbury Castle, the city has much to offer cultural visitors, while the new Whitefriars development has served to make Canterbury a popular destination for shopping trips in the Kent region.

We have a number of hotels only a short drive from Canterbury, ideal whether you're travelling around the coast or further inland. Our hotel in the fishing town of Whitstable is only five miles from Canterbury city centre, with convenient road access in and around the city, while our hotels near Canterbury in Ashford, Folkestone and Dover all benefit from close proximity to major transport networks, making it easy to reach Canterbury.

Réserver des hôtels près d’ Canterbury with Premier Inn

Whether you're visiting Canterbury for its historical or modern appeal, a trip to Canterbury has much to offer at all times of the year.

Book hotels online with Premier Inn and enjoy a relaxing stay after getting the most out of your Canterbury visit. You can also see our fantastic. Premier Offers to find the latest deals on hotels near Canterbury.

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